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January 14, 2012

WIGA Fires up Discussion Blog!

The Wine Islands Growers Association has taken the initiative to start up their own group blog for the discussion of issues and matters pertaining to growing in their region. Another awesome resource for island growers and also wine makers and viticulturists in the wider area. Head over and check it out at or check out the WIGA website at

The following is written by blog moderator Roy Hyndman:

WIGA Grape Growing and WInemaking Discussion Group

Please join and contribute to the new WIGA discussion group (Blog)

This is a new discussion group set up by WIGA webmaster Roy Hyndman, who will initially moderate it. It needs your input both to the discussion and to provide comments on how the operation can be improved.

The current operation has only WIGA members able to post questions, but others (if they register) are invited to provide answers and discussion to the question.

Viewing the discussion forum is open to the public. However, contributing to the discussion blog requires registering. WIGA members should receive an invitation with web instructions for registering in the next several weeks. If you do not get an invitation (or are a new member not yet on our list) please send an email to requesting registration.

Please sign your contributions with your first name and surname initial (or consistent pseudonom if you prefer). It would be helpful for readers if you also give your winery or vineyard name if you wish. Please respect others privacy; do not use the full name of others in your comments unless their name is public, such as given on their own vineyard/winery web site. Critical, personal, or other inappropriate comments of course will be deleted.

All questions relevant to grape growing in the Vancouver Island area and winemaking with local grapes are accepted. However, please check that answers are not available in basic books on grape growing and winemaking before posting a discussion question.

For experienced growers and winemakers, please take the time to answer questions. The success of Vancouver Island grape growing and winemaking depends on the reputation of the whole region (i.e., the “one bad bottle” problem for area reputations). We need to help everyone produce a better product.

Thank you for participating.

Roy Hyndman