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July 12, 2018

Changing Belts on a Vine Trimmer

I had a couple of people ask me about changing the belts on our vine trimmers and after looking through the owners manual I realize that only the belt tensioning procedure is there and not the belt changing procedure.

So I put together a video showing how I do the belt change the easy way, I don’t take the trimmer off the tractor, and I use a nifty trick with some mechanics wire to make the job go quick and slick.

As always we are fully stocked to supply any of your needs, but if your in a hurry you can get your belts at the local auto parts store, we list generic part numbers in our manuals and I also put a list of belts in the video.

The belt tensioning instruction from the owners manual is still a thorough resource, of course not everyone keeps their owners manual handy so I will attach it below;

If your still stuck you can always call us at 250-498-4426. I am always happy to troubleshoot anything on our machines!