Silviculture Equipment

Block Pallets

Munckhof silviculture equipment has a proven track record for durability, reliability, minimal maintenance and ease of operation for the last two decades in the US and Canada.

Our Products

Culture Tray
The Cultural Tray construction is very similar to that of the Secondary Tray, but of course is of a much stronger construction. It is also made of 16 ga. galvanized steel but is deeper with a cross...
Secondary Tray
The Secondary Tray is constructed from 16 ga. galvanized plate, which is rolled formed to debur the steel and to create strengthening ribs. The part then has notches punched into it to center itsel...
Tray Support System
The tray support system consists of pipe placed on a plate stand on top of the planting used. We make units using galvanized stands, for strength, longevity and hygienic benefits....