Silviculture Equipment - Block Washer

Block Washer


The Munckhof Block Washer is capable of washing 12 Styrofoam growing blocks a minute and works well in conjunction with the Munckhof Block Sterilizer.

The system consists of a 20hp pump which washes the block with 60 nozzles. This water is ran over a coarse filter and reused by the pump to wash the blocks. After this the blocks go through a freshwater rinse to remove any loose debris. This water flows into the tank which has an overflow.

The block washer is designed to handle 600mm ( 23.5" ) x 350mm ( 13.75" ) and can handle heights of 70mm ( 2.75" ) to 155mm ( 6" ) without having to make adjustments to the machine.

Blocks that are used with this machine can be found here: