Silviculture Equipment - Greenhouse Irrigation

Greenhouse Irrigation



Munckhof greenhouse irrigation systems,have a proven track record for durability, reliability, minimal maintenance, and ease of operation.

Adrive cart, mounted on 1-1/4” galvanized pipe track system suspended from the greenhouse frame by a light-weight hanger system, is driven by a 1/8 HP electric motor at speeds of 6, 11, 20, & 30 feet per minute.

1” water supply hose and electric cable are suspended from the track by specially designed hose hangers and provides smooth and quiet movement of the hose during the irrigation cycle.

The control box, mounted on the drive cart, allows numerous settings for controlling the start and stop timing, and number of irrigation cycles or passes, providing optimum irrigation control for the crop being irrigated.

Magnetically mounted switching-stop plates can be positioned anywhere along the track so that any selected section of the greenhouse can be irrigated.

A water filter, pressure gauge and 24 volt solenoid main control valve are mounted on the boom as well as two ball valves to select irrigation of right,