Vineyard Equipment - 4- Pre Pruners

Pre Pruner


A retaliatively new machine to the Munckhof product line, this machine is far superior to competitors using saw blade-and-carriage technology, because this machine pinches the cane instead of cutting it. the benefits of pre pruning with this method are.

Eliminate wire breakage: high RPM blades in blade-and-carriage machines catch wire ends and can cause long delays while wires are fished out of the carriages

Reduction of sawdust buildup: the pinching action produces little sawdust, which can clog up radiators and cause tractor overheating.

Reduction of weight: the lightweight blade towers easily reduce the overall weight of the machine by half

Reduction of cost: this machine is affordably priced, smaller operations that could once not justify the cost of pre pruning now have affordable pre pruning options.