Packing House Equipment

3- Packaging

Munckhof's stainless steel works specializes and manufactures a full assortment of equipment necessary to construct a state of the art sorting, sizing, cooling and packing line.

Our Products

Munckhof manufactures a simple spring loaded mechanism for bagging that is easy to use, and can be adapted to existing systems with ease. Featuring mounting for multiple potential bag sizes an...
Boxing / Totes
The filling of boxes and totes is simply done using the output/dewatering conveyors of the packing line, and is the easiest form of packaging. Variations of the style are available, contact Munckho...
Bulk Pallets / Bins
Filling of bins and bulk pallets with minimal damage to produce/fruit is best accomplished with a Munckhof bin filler or double bin filler. Using gentle fingers and an automated elevator, the fille...